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Why Iguana


Iguana studio was originally based in Andrea's own Brixton flat. Visiting friends and musicians talked about his environment as if they walked into the lab of a mad scientist. As it turned out, Andrea wasn't mad, but just very intrigued about sound, acoustics, guitars, analogue digital and FM synthesis and of course recording audio.

When he moved there in 1994, there was a massive glass tank in the living room, where the previous flat owner kept an Iguana. On sunny days he laid the Iguana near the window to allow the poor animal to sunbathe. The children of the nearby school were amused to see such an exotic creature in South London and they started calling it 'Iguana House'. Andrea is very proud of his origin and history and decided to keep the name and also call the studio Iguana studio and his label Iguana productions. Now you know…

Since then the studio has moved twice and it has undergone incredible positive changes. The current premises were built by converting a warehouse, which was originally a bullet factory, but in spite of the temptation of renaming the studio Andrea stuck with the lizard.