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Recording is not just our profession, it is our life. We enjoy it and couldn't be without it.
Our producers are talented, dedicated, and they will put their heart into your project and help you to succeed.

Andrea Terrano - managing director.
He studied music since early age and bought his first 4 track tape recorder at the age of 14 to record his songs. At 20 he moved to London to deepen his knowledge in music production. At 24 he even designed his first 12 channel desk which he used in many recordings. After 10 years of freelance work, engineering and producing in London's top studios and also doing live session work throughout Europe, he decided to start his own venture: "Iguana productions ltd."
The company was originally located in his home, then moved to Plato Road and finally landed in the current headquarters at the heart of Brixton. His creation “Iguana studio” is attracting attention from many industry people like Paul White (SOS), BBC and many other established names.

Vasken Arslanian - head engineer.
With strong live engineering roots and deep experience in recording and mixing, Vasken has been able to record full bands at once, retaining the essential organic "live feel", yet with high sound quality and full instruments separation. Taking advantage of up to four live rooms, Vasken often turned the studio into a real Stage. His CV spans from Joss Stone to Basement Jaxx, but he still loves recording emerging Artists, helping them to capture and produce their unique sound.

Adam Connor – Technician, Producer and Administrations Manager - info@iguanastudio.co.uk

Alex Hromcovs – Producer and Technician – alex@iguanastudio.co.uk

Jagannatha Suta – Technician/Producer www.the-alternative-producer.com

Tom Linden – Independent Composer and Technician - www.tomlinden.co.uk

Ganni Famulari - foreman/consultant (Palman group progietti)
Gianni Famulari is the genius behind the construction of Iguana studio new premises. agrobioalisir@tin.it

Murat Papaker - Acoustic consultant (Hunter Acoustics) mpapaker@lineone.net

David Scherchenr – studio furniture www.davidscherchen.com davidscherchen@aol.com

Aron Shamash – Web design www.killawot.co.uk

Grant Leslie – installation grant.leslie@mac.com

Reeta Loi – marketing/consultancy reeta@dontpanicmedia.com

Gordon Young – general consultancy gordonyoung@digitalvillage.co.uk