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Iguana Studio offers a variety of mastering options. We have the capability to master in both the analogue and digital domains. Digital mastering jobs are all handled within one of our DAW, where all of the effects processing and final bouncing are done internally. We cover all formats and platforms and currently the softweres available are: Protools, Wavebourner Pro, Soundscape and Wavelab.

Analogue mastering is done using top-quality outboard processors, which includes the Tube Tech Multi Band Compressor, Prism MEA2 Stereo Equalizer and Prism ADA8 AES/EBU converter. The finished Analogue and Digital masters are printed onto a mastering-quality CD for further duplication or archiving.


Digital mastering
38 per track mastered and 30 for each mastered disc copy
Per album (10 tracks)350 including 1 master disc

Analog mastering
95 per track mastered and 55 for each mastered disc copy
Per album (10 tracks)575 including 1 master disc