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This group is mainly recommended for reception music when a medieval ambiance is appropriate, particularly when your wedding is set in an historic venue, whether a castle, small church or in the countryside. 'Jubilus' will provide an exceptionally magical atmosphere.

'Jubilus' can be booked as solo guitar, duo or trio (two guitars, ancient flutes and voice). The themes available vary according to requirements, early English, Spanish or Middle Eastern influence. The line up includes experienced performers: Michael Circulus (guitar and voice), Andrea Terrano (Guitar and Lutes), Will Summers Circulus (Flutes).

To set the right atmosphere at your event, be it wedding, anniversary or any other occasion, 'Jubilus' will entertain with an array of traditional period pieces, from romantic to lively. On request, 'Jubilus' can also dress in the appropriate historic costumes to suit your event perfectly.

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