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Dub music feature

The Good, the bad and the dub album preview

Please note Aisling is featuring on the following songs: Comets, I'll find a way, We can leave this Town & Angel Eyes.

A bit of history about dub and Andrea Terrano productions

Dub started in Jamaica in the late 1960s. It is debatable who was the first engineer that can claim to be the initiator. Some say Osborne Ruddock some says King Tubby. Nevertheless Jamaica has always been a sanctuary for this type of music where hundreds of great records have been produced and mixed. Jamaican producers have been the pioneers in sound engineering with an exceptional capacity to dare in sonic terms. They all shared a fresh approach towards the use of tape-machines, mixers, effects and experimentation, never scared to pick up a screw driver, open up the equipment to fix it or alter its sound.

Here are some of the producers that have made the history of this music:
Osborne Ruddock, King Tubby, Lee Scratch Parry, Adrian Sherwood, Mad Professor (Ariwa Sound), Norman Grant (aka Twinkle Brothers), Jah Shaka, Augustus Pablo, Dennis Bovell.

I also include a list of website with comprehensive information on the history of dub:

More websites with dub music:

VUsMad Professor

Audio samples

Fire Dub (Mixed by Ronnie Lion & Jazzbo)

Move up dub (Jazzbo & Earl 16/mixed by Dub Judah)

90's Dub (The Amharic)

Night flight over Trieste (by A. Terrano & Ronnie Lion/1995)

The Good the Bad & the Dub (by A. Terrano & Ronnie Lion/1995)

Blood Sample (from Dub Massacre/Mixed by Mad Professor)

Digi dub part 1 (A. Terrano)

Digi dub part 2 (A. Terrano)

Digi dub part 3 (A. Terrano)

Rockers rhythm sample (drum+bass only) (as on SOS article)

Steppers rhythm sample (drum+bass only) (as on SOS article)

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