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Corporate music workshop - For team building or spirit clenching

Singing, writing songs, recording are all creative and uplifting activities.

The challenges and skills involved in the making of a 'single' are at the base of this workshop. It is great for team-spirit building and it also helps individuals to learn about their interaction with others in a new environment. Everyone will enjoy the magic of music, the excitement and satisfaction involved in taking part in something memorable. At the end of the day everyone will get a CD of the song and we guarantee that the recording will contain creative contributions and input from each and every member of the group, something that mirrors the dynamics of the work place. The workshop can be adapted to fit specific requirements like focusing on the brand of the company (recording a corporate anthem), developing performance skills, team moral etc....

The whole process will be conducted by professional facilitators who are experts in the recording, performance and training field.

What it involves

The group is asked to write lyrics, work on the music arrangement and ultimately produce, sing and mix a single. The topics which will be covered both in theory and practice are:

  • writing lyrics
  • adding a melody
  • producing a backing track
  • singing verses (selected individuals)
  • singing chorus (group)
  • editing
  • mixing
  • CD mastering
  • making the artwork

Each topic will be shortly explained giving people a rough idea of what it involves. At every stage each participants will be guided through the process by a member of our production team. The more outgoing personalities will be more exposed (singing, writing the melody...), the more introverted ones will be given more intellectual task (writing the lyrics, mixing etc.)


"A unique and engaging experience" - James Marshall BBC

"An event which helped us bond" - BBC Radio 4